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MARTIAL ARTS: The American Sign Language (ASL) sign for "martial arts"

Subject: Signing "martial arts"?

I injured my right index finger in a martial arts class recently. From what I gather, this would be a good instance for me to sign with just my left hand.
How would I tell someone that I got hurt in martial arts class if they asked? I could finger spell it, but I'm wondering of there is a sign for "martial arts."
Thank you,
Tamara ██████
(Last name redacted to protect the student's privacy)



Hello Tamera!
For the general meaning of "martial arts" there is no perfect sign but we do have a sign that works well for "martial arts" in the sense of "hand-to-hand combat."
See the sign at:  ;
That sign can mean "martial arts" in context.



If you want to reduce ambiguity, and/or discuss "martial arts" in the larger sense (codified systems and traditions of combat) go ahead and spell "martial arts" then do the "MARTIAL ARTS" sign. After you have established the concept of martial arts you can (in context) just spell MA as a way of abbreviating "martial arts." See Martial Arts (fs-MA) at:

Abbreviating works particularly well if you are discussing mixed martial arts. Just spell MMA.
If the other person doesn't know what that means then you are going to have to expand on it just as you would in any language. To expand on the term MMA (mixed martial arts) you could sign:

Also, just for your amusement:

+ Dr. Bill


A sign for TAEKWONDO:



Notes:  See: WRESTLE

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