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MILK: The American Sign Language (ASL) sign for "milk"


The sign for "milk" is made by forming a "C" and closing it twice into an "S" hand.



Okay now, I've got a riddle for you. 


What is this sign?

Give up?

"Pasteurized Milk!"

Heh, geddit? Past-your-eyes milk! 
Bwahahaha. Snort.

Ahem.  Yes, yes, I'll keep my day job thank you very much.


Alright, here is a sentence that shows the top reason you should always have milk in the fridge:

"Do you like cookies and milk?"

Note: I use the sign "WITH" instead of the sign "AND" in that sentence. In English it is common to use the word "and" in this sentence, but in ASL it is better to use WITH or just sign MILK, CUP-here, COOKIE, "dip cookie in milk and eat."








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