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MOOD: The American Sign Language (ASL) sign for "mood / moody"


The concept of mood / moody is typically spelled in ASL.


The concept of "mood" is occasionally expressed via lexicalized spelling in the form of "M-slide/become-D."

FEEL is sometimes used to mean "mood."


ATTITUDE is sometimes used to mean "mood."


Some people sign "mood" by patting the dominant-side cheek with the flat (palm side) of the fingers of a flat-hand (or just a relaxed hand).


I note that I see at least one popular young lady on YouTube uses a sign that looks remotely like TOBACCO (or maybe a very, very relaxed cheek based version of the sign for KNOW) to mean mood. If I saw that on an expressive ASL exam I'd probably take off some points. (Small differences in articulation of signs can change the meaning).

Notes: The "flat-hand pats cheek" version of mood is somewhat uncommon and seems to lean toward the concept of "in a mood," "bad mood," or "moody." I recommend you only use it if the Deaf in your area use it. When in doubt fingerspell "mood" or "moody."

As always, language is a moving target.
I encourage my students to sign the way they see adult, socially active, local Deaf skilled signers sign.
(That requires getting to know local socially active, adult Deaf skilled signers.)




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