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MUSTARD: The American Sign Language (ASL) sign for "mustard"

MUSTARD:  (recommended version):



Signing notes:
This sign is generally spelled by adult Deaf native signers.

Actually, we only "sort of" spell it.  It looks a lot more like this:
[some overlapping handshapes]

Or even just this:



This is called "lexicalized fingerspelling."  (Because it has changed to be more like a sign than individual letters.)
We spell it very quickly. Many beginning level students, think, "Oh wow, that is impossibly fast spelling, I'll never be able to do that!"   What the newbies don't realize is that when we are spelling such common words many of the letters end up being "half-formed." We start with a strong M and end with a strong D.  (I've noticed too that for many of us the "D" in "M-U-S-T-A-R-D" ends up being done with just the thumb and middle finger touching and the index finger is up. The other fingers (the pinkie and ring) are tucked in.  This is because you just did the letter "R" prior to the letter D.  Since "R" uses just the two fingers, the next letter takes advantage of those same two fingers. However this will vary depending on the signer.


Sample sentence: Do you want mustard on your hotdog?


Mustard: (version 2)
For use with individuals who for whatever reason cannot understand the standard version: "YELLOW SPREAD" or "YELLOW SQUIRT-on."


MUSTARD (version 3) (Not recommended)
"M" on palm (similar movement to BUTTER and SOAP)


MUSTARD (version 4) (Not recommended)
"M" on palm "spread" forward once then backward once." This is an initialized version of "spread on." It looks like you are using an "M" to spread mustard on a piece of bread:


MUSTARD (version 5) (Not recommended)
This is a cool little version of the sign that my wife used to use.  
As far as I can tell, she is the only person in the known universe who uses this sign.  (Barring time travel, or inter-dimensional warps).  It is actually a pretty cool sign, but unless you are signing it to HER you won't get much satisfaction.
The movement is representational of dipping a knife into a small mustard jar then wiping off the excess on the rim of the jar.
Note:  The handshape is "two fingers" like an "h or u" dipping into a "C" handshape, (like a Grey Poupon bottle).



Notes: See: YELLOW




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