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owe / bill / debt / afford  

In American Sign Language (ASL) the concepts of owe, bill, debt, and/or afford can be expressed (in context) by jabbing the upward facing non-dominant palm with the tip of the dominant hand index finger twice. In real life everyday signing you may see this sign lean toward noun / verb grammar with the verb consisting of a single movement and the noun consisting of a double movement.

OWE / bill / debt / afford

Memory aid: Jab your palm twice as if pointing out a contract with an amount due or owed.

OWE / bill / debt / afford:



The word "afford" can (among other things) mean "to provide." If you mean "provide" then consider using the sign typically associated with concepts such as OFFER / suggest / propose...etc.

To express the concept of "owe" you may also see or use combinations of signs such as:

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