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PANTS: The American Sign Language (ASL) sign for "pants"
May also be referred to as slacks, trousers, knickers, jeans


The sign for "pants" is made by placing both of your hands in an open position just below your waist.  Bring both hands up to your waist.  As your hands come up, bend your knuckles and curl your fingers up a bit.


PANTS (Version 1)  (Use a double movement)




Student: Can the same sign be used for pants and slacks?  I've seen two different signs for pants and slacks.

Dr Vicars: I personally don't use a separate sign for slacks and pants. I use the same sign for both but for slacks I precede the pants sign with the sign "NICE" or the sign "FANCY.  When I sign "FANCY"+"PANTS" I use a very small, subdued movement for "fancy" to indicate "classy" rather than "over the top." Some people sign "church" pants. For example in it is common for an adult to tell a child to wear their "church pants;" or for a husband to ask his wife "Where are my church pants?" (Hey, "I" don't do that -- I know where my pants are. I'm just saying some guys do it.)

Of course, you should always check with the Deaf in your area to see what they are using.  If a Deaf friend feels strongly about one version or another -- by all means sign it his/her way.



Another way to sign pants is to show the legs of the pants by moving your "b" palms down each leg.

PANTS ("leg" variation)

STUDENT:  "I've seen this sign done with "P" handshapes moving down the leg. Is that okay?"
Dr. Bill:  No, it is not good to "P" down your leg. (heh)



If you wanted to convey that your pants have pockets there are two ways you could sign that:


POCKETS version 1:


POCKETS version 2:



Sample sentence: Do you put your pants in the dresser or hang them up in the closet?







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