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POP: The American Sign Language (ASL) sign for "pop / soda pop / soda"

POP / "soda pop"
Form the left hand into an "O."  Bend the middle finger of the right "spread" hand at the large knuckle and stick it (the middle finger) into the left "O."  Then remove the finger and slap your right palm over the hole.




Sample sentence: Yesterday I bought coffee, tea, soda-pop and candy.



Types of SODA:


COCA-COLA: I recommend you just spell the word "Coke." There is a very interesting "legacy" version of the sign (see below) but it is very common to see adult native Deaf signers just spell C-O-K-E.


I'm including this legacy version of the sign because you might still see it out there in the community and I want you to recognize it and realize that it is not a "joke" sign. It was used for many years. (And is still very popular!)

The sign for "Coke" as in "Coco-Cola" looks as if you are jabbing a needle into your arm. It is done by using your dominant hand index finger to poke your non-dominant arm's bicep.

It's true folks.  I'm not making this up! And I'm not talking about "cocaine." I'm talking about the drink.

COKE ("Coco-Cola" soda-pop)



Spell D-R, then make a "P" handshape and bounce it in the air twice as if shaking pepper from a jar.

VARIATION:  You might also see this sign done by spelling D-R, then using an "F" handshape bouncing twice in the air as if shaking pepper from a jar.  The circle of the "F" represents the lid of the pepper shaker.



Imagine using the tip of your little finger to draw a big "check" mark on your forehead. The sign doesn't actually touch your forehead though.




To do the sign for rootbeer you just touch an "R" then a "B" to the side of your chin.




See: Dr. Pepper



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