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ASL: "QM-wig"

QM-wig refers to a sign called "question mark wiggle." It is used at the end of question sentences which may be in need of clarification (of the fact that the sentence is a question) or for responding in a questioning way in which you are also expressing skepticism. 
"Are you suuuure about that?"
"You wouldn't be pulling my leg would you?"

"Is that so? Hmmm."

QM-wig (repeat the movement a couple times)

Video clip of "QM-wig"

Or see:



While QM-wig is often used to show skepticism, an example of a time when you might want to use QM-wig for a question in which you are "not" skeptical but are simply asking a question is:  "Do you think he is mad?"  Or "Is he mad?"
Such a sentence is actually a yes/no sentence which typically uses raised eyebrows but the sign MAD typically uses furrowed eyebrows.  A type of facial grammar punctuation conflict is created in which the yes/no facial expression is competing with the MAD facial expression. Compounding the issue is the fact that the "MAD" facial expression just so happens to use furrowed eyebrows similar to the furrowed eyebrows used for WH-Questions.

1.  Sign MAD with furrowed eyebrows and adjust the sign order:  MAD is-HE?-[y/n-q]
2.  Do the sign MAD with a yes/no facial expression:  HE MAD?-[y/n-q]
3.  Sign MAD with furrowed eyebrows and use a QM-wig: HE MAD QM-wig?-[y/n-q]

Also, regarding QM-WIG -- If, for some reason, your question sentence ends with conflict between a "sign expression" and a "punctuation expression" you may want to clarify via a QM-wig that you are indeed asking a question. For example, if you ask "Is he/she/that-person sad?"--you tend to end with a sad facial expression rather than the "yes/no question punctuation expression of raised eyebrows. In such situations the face can't be used simultaneously for both the "sad face" and the raised eyebrows. of the yes/no question expression. So you can go ahead and use the sad face but add QM-WIG for the question punctuation with raised eyebrows.

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