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ROCKET: The American Sign Language (ASL) sign for "rocket"

Every kid ought to know this sign.







Here is another way you might see "rocket"


Or you may see it non-initialized (without the "R" handshape):






Note: Some people might try to tell you that the "R"-hand version is "Signed English."
I don't think so.  I think that you could make a case here that the "R" hand (at least to some extent) is linked to an "R"-type classifier handshape lending bulk and shape to the sign "rocket" so as to distinguish it from another projectile such as a "missile." If someone says the "R" hand version is Signed English then ask them if the "A" hand version of "AUNT" is likewise signed English? Or is the "P"-hand version of "politics" Signed English?  Soon after that the conversation is likely to end. (Sorry. Blame it on me.)  However, just so you are covered, here is a non-initialized version:

PROJECTILE: rocket, missile, warhead, etc. (long skinny thing being launched)



Sample sentence: ROCKET ALL SUCCEED?






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