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American Sign Language:  "take-care-of"

TAKE CARE OF (version 1)
Both hands stay together throughout this sign. The sign traces a small circle twice. The circular movement is up, forward, down, back, repeat


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Now, I hate to do this to you, but lots of people sign "take care of" by simply tapping the "K" hands together twice. The movement is sort of gentle. But, if you do a "harder movement," and are saying "good bye" to someone it might be interpreted as "take care of yourself."

TAKE-CARE (Use a somewhat larger movement when saying good-byes)
The right "K" hand whacks the left "K" hand twice.  The movement is mostly in the right hand but the left hand moves a bit too:

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The sign TAKE-CARE-OF has two versions. The version that holds the K hands together and moves in a circle means to "provide care for" or can mean "be careful."

The version of TAKE-CARE-OF that whacks two K-hands together can be used in the sentence "Take care dude, I'll see you later."  It can also mean, "I like to take care of plants."

However, "take care of" -- the English phrase can mean anything from "kill him" to "solve" the problem.  Depending on the rest of the sentence you might interpret "take care of" using a wide variety of signs including: handle-CONTROL, solve-DISSOLVE, TAKE-CARE-OF, PATIENCE, etc.  These are not English words, they are simply labels we give to signs that may not line up very closely with the meaning of the English label. For example, PATIENCE can mean "put up with" (if done slowly, while pressing into the chin fairly hard, and with a stressed-patient facial expression).

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