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Z: The American Sign Language (ASL) sign for "z"


The ASL sign for the letter "Z" is done by simply drawing a "Z" in the air.

If you are right handed, pretend you have paint on the tip of your index finger and are drawing a Z on a wall.

If you are a leftie -- do a mirror image (see below).



z.gif (387759 bytes)


Right handed Z:



Left-handed Z:


Left-handed signers should do a mirror version of the Z done by right-handed signers:





ZZ or "double-Z"

When spelling two z's in a row (as in "zz") in ASL it is common to use a "V" handshape or a "bent-V" handshape (both versions show up -- do whichever seems to fit the particular word your are spelling based on the letters before and after).

PIZZA (spelled version)

See also: "Double Z"






Link to Z graphic:

z.gif (387759 bytes)


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