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ZEBRA: The American Sign Language (ASL) sign for "zebra"

There is no widely established sign for "zebra" other than to simply sign "horse" + "stripes."  I do my stripe movement by using bent five-hands, but a "4" hand works well too.  When telling a story about a zebra, upon first reference, I tend to sign HORSE BLACK WHITE STRIPES STRIPES.  After which I shorten it to HORSE STRIPES.  The shortened version uses only a single movement for "horse" and a single movement for "stripes."



Another version is fingerspelling ZEBRA:



Another variation is ZEBRA signed as STRIPES-on-the-torso:


 And another version is produced with both hands showing STRIPES:




There is also an expanded version where you can sign SAME HORSE BLACK WHITE STRIPED:


Sample sentence: GROUP ZEBRA NAMED WHAT?



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