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American Sign Language: "zip"

Student:  "Zip" is also commonly indicated by miming the act of zipping up a jacket, isn't it?

Dr. Bill:  If you are referring to putting on a jacket, then yes, that's right.  If you are talking about a ZIP code, you just spell it.  If you are talking about a zipper in general you can show that by zipping up a "V" hand.  If you are trying to tell someone to zip up their pants you use whichever method is most socially appropriate. If I'm at home talking to one of my children I'll just mime zipping up my pants. If it is a public situation and a friend needs to zip his or her pants up I'll do what I can to get us both turned away from the public and then I'll use the "zipper" sign which is "very clear" but not as graphic as miming the act of zipping your pants.

ZIP or zipper:



ZIP (fingerspelled version):

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