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American Sign Language: "ASLPI Proctor Fee"

The acronym ASLPI stands for "American Sign Language Proficiency Interview." Some organizations or programs use that interview for screening purposes or admittance requirements.  People who live far from a testing center can arrange to take the test "at a distance" via a proctor. On occasion students or other individuals ask me if I'd be willing to proctor their ASLPI test. The test costs around $165 (at the time of this writing).  The "suggested" proctor fee (the amount to be paid to the local person who sets up the equipment and remains available nearby during the test) is "$20.00" (as of this writing). The amount will certainly go up or down (usually up) over the years.

I generally say yes to "proctor requests" since I strive to be helpful.  For years I used to say "no" to the proctor fee and would do it for free.

However, lately I've started accepting the fee.

To be clear: I really don't care about the money. It is a monetarily losing deal for me. I could make more money using the time to build web pages or work on other projects instead of carving out time from my day to do ASLPI proctoring.

My in-box is full of requests from people ask me for free help of one sort or another related to sign language.  Why me? Probably because of my website and YouTube channel.  I'm "out there" in the public eye.

I "do" continue to provide as much pro bono work as my time, health, strength, and family commitments allow.  My in-box is a triage center.

I only started accepting the rather miniscule recommended "proctor payment" as a way to scratch the mental itch arising from the constant stream of incoming requests for non-recompensed assistance that takes me away from essential job functions of my day job and/or the aforementioned projects.

- Dr. Bill




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