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American Sign Language: "How do you give a blessing to a Deaf person?"


An ASL student writes:
Dr. Vicars,

I had a question about religion and ASL that I am hoping you could help with.  My church (LDS) has a lay clergy, and believes in the laying on of hands. 
I was thinking today how does that work in ASL?
How does one give a blessing by putting their hands on someone's head yet still speak with hands? This is all academic for me as I have no connection to the deaf community.
Thanks for your help,




What you do is you put your hands on the person's head momentarily and then take your hands off the head and sign the blessing and then put your hands back on the person's head momentarily when you are done signing the blessing. 
Typically such blessings are given by two people. While not required, one of the people "could" have one hand on the head of the person being blessed and the other hand on the shoulder of the person giving the blessing.  Again though, that is not at all needed.
- Bro. Bill



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