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Credit for independent study:

In regard to obtaining high school or college credit it helps to figure out a variety of legitimate paths to that credit and then follow one of those paths.

As long as a student has indeed "learned" the material and can demonstrate the newly acquired knowledge and skills there is generally a way to get credit for it.

Some of those ways include:

1. The local high school itself granting credit in the form of independent study credit / directed individual study (DIS) /

2. An articulation process wherein the local school reviews the external credit and "decides" to accept it (or not).

3. A transfer process wherein the local school accepts a direct transfer of credit. Sometimes a student can transfer credit from an out of state college to a local college and from there to the high school (all of which takes a lovely amount of time, money, and shepherding).

4. A waiver process wherein the local school grants "whatever" credit an administrator is willing to grant and then waives or "considers satisfied" the language requirement.

5. A leapfrog process wherein the student approaches the post high school target college (via early enrollment or some other arrangement) and has the Sacramento State credit transferred to the post high school target college.

6. A collaboration process wherein a teacher at the local high school becomes the teacher of record for an independent study class and then reviews, verifies, and eventually accepts the student's documentation of having participated in an organized continuing education experience under responsible sponsorship, capable direction and qualified instruction.

And/or other paths (credit banks, credit by exam, credit evaluation and allocation based on achievement of a certificate granted by a local / respected organization, etc.).

Which path will work for any particular student depends on what your local school is willing to accept and support.

The assumption here is that the local administration honestly cares about and wants what is best for the student while also striving to maintain the rigor integral to a valid education organization.

A parent or a student will need to ask local school administrators what they prefer, what they are willing to do, and/or if they have any recommendations.

Then check into option after option until you either achieve your goal or run out of options.





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