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Deaf Sports: Winter Sports
Also see: "Deaf Sports"

Charles Eachus
April 2, 2008

Winter Sports Among the Deaf Community

United States Deaf Ski and Snowboard Association (USDSSA)

Utah, March 11, 1969, the first meeting was held to begin a new organization of the United States Deaf Ski and Snowboard Association; also known as USDSSA. This organization was made to encourage young deaf skiers and snowboarders to participate in a great sport on a professional level.

Originated back as far as the late 1960's, USDSSA was founded by four deaf and hearing people, Richard Crossen, James Liese, Betty Moers, and Jerry Moers. By the beginning of the 1970's, the USDSSA established a constitution and bylaws, a board of directors, and also an annual fee for all members. It was also decided to have meetings every two years, and that all dues were to defray postal, office supplies, and medals expenses. (Crossen, 2003)

Continuingly having meetings on a yearly basis throughout the United States, the USDSSA had made its presence in almost every ski resort. These giant leaps made to create the organization, the deaf community now has the opportunity join an association to help train, race, and attend the Winter Deaflympics.


Since 1949, the Winter Deaflympics has been making a more and more popular presence among the deaf community. Organized by the Comité International des Sports des Sourds, CISS (The International Committee of Sports for the Deaf), the famous event was built on over 80 years of tradition. (, 2008)

Yes, the Olympics may sound fun to participate in, but it is no joke. Like the traditional Olympics, Deaflympics hold the same professionalism and standards. The Deaflympic's occurs every four years, has a $10,000 dollar licensing and entry fee, and has a very intensive tryout process. The invitations to take part in the Deaflympics are issued at least one year in advance, separately, by both the ICSD and the OC. These invitations will also include the list of approved sports that will be part of the Deaflympics program. (, 2008) The only huge difference from the two prestigious sport events is that the Deaflympics is not a competition among other Nations, yet rather a competition among individual groups or organizations of the deaf community. This is what makes Deaflympics so unique.

USDSSA Team Tryouts

The U.S. Deaf Ski & Snowboard Association will be hosts a try-out event every four years. The next try-out will be held at Telluride, CO during March 12-19, 2011.(, 2005) The dates and place are subject to change due to scheduling problems. Doug Dickson and his assistant Nancy Bonura will be heading the tryouts along with couch the team for the next event. These coaches both did a remarkable job and have great potential to have the same outcome they did in 2003.

If you are one who is interested in snowboarding or skiing in the Deaflympics, the tryouts will be held at the same time and will be lead by coach Will Garrow. Bringing home multiple medals in the past, with his experience he id sure to train and help push you to your ultimate limit.

The next tryout will not be held until 2011 but if you are truly interested, contact the director of USDSSA of snowboarding, Lisa Temesta at:

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