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Teaching ASL: Expressive Video Assignments: editing the pauses

Should students be allowed to edit out the pauses in their expressive ASL video assignments? 

Question:  A student asks:
Dr. V.
In your recent email you mentioned that you would rather us "not" edit our videos for the expressive signing assignments.

The videos I've been posting I do edit them just because there are long pauses in between each sentence (me trying to remember the sign for something).

Would you rather I post the edited version or post the longer version with the pauses?

I'm just curious because I edit my videos to ensure that they're not longer than a minute and 15-20 seconds but now I'm worried that that might cause me to lose points if I continue to post edited versions.

[Name removed and other edits to protect the student's privacy.]


Response: William G. Vicars, EdD replies:

Dear [name removed for privacy],

I would like you to think about what you are asking. If there are "long pauses" while you try to remember something -- that means you haven't studied enough for there to "not" be long pauses while you try to remember something.

Rather than "study more" or "practice more" you are choosing to "edit videos more."

While that might be good for your video editing skills -- it doesn't achieve the goal of you doing the video in the first place -- which is to incentivise you to study and practice.

I'll be relatively flexible either way you can have some pauses or you can do a beautifully edited video.

My preference though is for a third option: A video without a lot of pauses nor a lot of editing due to you not having to think hard about the signs because you have studied and practiced enough to have mastered the material.

Warm regards,
- Dr. V
William G. Vicars Ed.D.







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