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Frankenstein's ASL:

A game for ASL as a second language learners (advanced)
This game was submitted by "Lyn J. Wiley" -- a Deaf wordsmith and signsmith extraordinaire. 

Name of game: Frankenstein's ASL


Target class: Advanced ASL
Preparation: Write or type the following items individually, on an index card.  Put the cards in a big bowl.


Instructions:  Do not show or tell what is on your card to other students.  Be prepared to sign at our next class the words or letters that appear on the left side of your card.  During the next class you will sign the words or information on the left side of your card and the other students will try to guess an English word or phrase that might sound like what you are signing.

Playing the game:  In the next class divide the students into small teams.  Call upon individual students to sign their assigned concepts.   Each team would huddle and try to be the first to correctly guess the English word or phrase by writing their guess on the blackboard / whiteboard / or some other way of sharing their answer.


Benefits of the game: generates a lot of energy, laughter, camaraderie and reinforces many signs.  Provides the instructor an opportunity to show the "real" signs for the English concepts and explain the limitations or actual meanings of the signs on the left-hand side.



Four Bye For                                                               4 X 4

In Ten Shun L                                                             Intentional

Perm Me Ate                                                              Permeate

Out Door (A door we open)  Pool (The game)           Outdoor pool

Year O Sand Witch                                                     Gyro sandwich

D Ten Shun                                                                 Detention

Glass Swear                                                               Glassware

Out Age                                                                       Outage

Watch (Wristwatch) your mouth                                 Watch your mouth

Eye Eye Eye                                                               Ai-yai-yai

Eye, Eye                                                                     Aye Aye (Pronounced: eye, eye)

E Long Gate                                                                Elongate

Engine Near                                                                Engineer

Ant Agonize                                                                 Antagonize

Dew T Full                                                                   Dutiful

Merry Wanna  (Want to)                                             Marijuana

Add Dish On                                                               Addition

In Vest Tug Ate                                                           Investigate

Badge -er                                                                    Badger

Hear Ring                                                                    Hearing

Sew In Sew                                                                 So and so

Summer Rise                                                              Summarize

Tie Knee                                                                      Tiny

Arm Me                                                                       Army

Dew Know Harm (Pain)                                             Do no harm

Due T                                                                          Duty

Despair, Aging                                                            Disparaging

Under S Teammate                                                    Underestimate

End Earring                                                                 Endearing

In Knock You Us                                                         Innocuous

Perk Oh Later                                                             Percolator

Washing Ton                                                               Washington

Bee Hold                                                                     Behold

Tack Tick                                                                    Tactic

Hip Know Sis (Sister)                                                  Hypnosis

Un (Not) Her dove                                                      Unheard of

Anna (Spell the name) List                                         Analyst

Shake King                                                                 Shaking

Count Ts                                                                     Counties

Y Knot                                                                         Why not

Ad You Lay Shun                                                        Adulation

Opera Bull                                                                   Operable

C Meant                                                                      Cement

In Dig Go                                                                     Indigo

Sock -Er                                                                      Soccer

R U Crazy!?                                                                Are you crazy!?

Z Row                                                                         Zero

Lie King                                                                       Liking

Wear House                                                                Warehouse

Miss (As in to miss someone) Take                           Mistake

Miss Steak                                                                  Mistake

Miss Tick                                                                     Mystic

Eye know, I no!                                                           I know, i know!

Alley Gate -er                                                              Alligator

Wig L Room                                                                Wiggle room

Know Weigh                                                                No way

L Bow Room   (Like a bow on a gift)                          Elbow room

Knead 2 Lie Down                                                      Need to lie down

Sing King                                                                     Sinking

Bull Let                                                                        Bullet

Arc In Saw (Saw - verb) (I.e. saw wood)                   Arkansas

Off Her                                                                                    Offer

Him Null                                                                      Hymnal

Con Doe Mini Yum                                                     Condominium

Horn Knee                                                                   Horny

Con Tin You Ill                                                            Continual

Flee Bag                                                                      Fleabag

All Most Come Pleated                                               Almost completed

Chair E Pi                                                                    Cherry Pie

Oh Hi Oh                                                                     Ohio

Con Damn Nation                                                       Condemnation

Ill Annoy                                                                      Illinois

Con Tent                                                                     Content (Adjective)

Ear Resist Able                                                           Irresistible

Cry Sis (Sister)                                                           Crisis

Idle Lies                                                                       Idolize

X aisle                                                                         Exile

Bee Cause Eye Said Sew                                          Because I said so

Weak End Rowed Show                                            Weekend Road show

Calf A                                                                          Cafe

Mouse Turd                                                                 Mustard

Strand Dead                                                                Stranded

Ear E                                                                           Eerie

Purse Suede                                                               Persuade

Free Key                                                                     Freaky

If Fee                                                                           Iffy

Know Bull                                                                    No bull or Noble

Knew Sense                                                                Nuisance

Bee Leaf                                                                     Belief

Off Fur                                                                          Offer

Dis- (Not) Tent                                                            Distant

O Know Knot Again!                                                   Oh no, not again!

Come Penny                                                               Company

Dis- (Not) Tents                                                          Distance

My Grain                                                                     Migraine

Big One God Away                                                     Big one got away

Horse N Bug E                                                            Horse and buggy

Tech Knowledge E                                                     Technology

Un- (Not) Bee Leave Able                                          Unbelievable

Bee Leave -er                                                             Believer

Me Grrr                                                                        Meager

Re Damn Shun                                                          Redemption

Worse Ship                                                                 Worship

Car Nation                                                                   Carnation

Punk Chew All                                                                        Punctual

Mad Hat -er                                                                 Mad Hatter

Ink Lined                                                                     Inclined

Fish Sure                                                                     Fissure

Stair Ring                                                                    Staring

Stare Well                                                                   Stairwell

Sit Chew Wait                                                             Situate

Damn Nation                                                               Damnation

Out Side -er                                                                Outsider

Pan D Moan E Yum                                                   Pandemonium

Hi Light                                                                        Highlight

Ink You Bait                                                                Incubate

Hi Weigh                                                                     Highway

Brain Storm                                                                 Brainstorm

Sun Day                                                                      Sunday

Heave (Throw up) Hoe                                               Heave Ho!

Race Sing                                                                   Racing

Cough E                                                                      Coffee

Can Teen                                                                    Canteen

My M Me                                                                    Miami

Try Cycle                                                                    Tricycle

Can Tanker (Military tanker) Us                                 Cantankerous

Dew Z                                                                         Doosie

Monk E                                                                       Monkey

Key Tow Sis (Sister)                                                   Ketosis

Hand E Man                                                                Handyman

In Tear (As in to tear paper) Oh Gate                         Interrogate

Sea Section                                                                C-Section

Con Stir Nation                                                           Consternation

Mew Til (Until) Lay Shun                                            Mutilation

Hoe Tell                                                                       Hotel

S Cup Aid                                                                    Escapade

In Cap Soul Late                                                         Encapsulate

Ant Tick Quit T                                                            Antiquity

For Most                                                                      Foremost

T Total -er                                                                   Teetotaler

Ant Eeek                                                                     Antique

Motor Cycle                                                                Motorcycle

Defend Ant                                                                  Defendant

B D Ayes                                                                     Beady eyes

You're O                                                                      Euro

Bee Long                                                                     Belong

O Cult                                                                          Occult

Plain Tiff (A petty quarrel)                                          Plaintiff

Add Doors                                                                   Adores

D Light Full                                                                  Delightful

X press                                                                        Express

In Great                                                                       Ingrate

In Able                                                                         Enable

Ham Stir                                                                      Hamster

Fill -er                                                                          Filler

Go Fur                                                                         Gopher

Fill Ant Throw P                                                          Philanthropy

E Lay Shun                                                                 Elation

Shoe In                                                                        Shoo-in (A certain, easy winner)

Under Mine                                                                 Undermine

In Fat Chew Ate                                                          Infatuate

Fill Us Oh Fee                                                             Philosophy

Might E                                                                        Mighty

Style Us                                                                      Stylus

Ant Tie Social                                                              Antisocial

S  Chew                                                                      Eschew

Hire and Hire                                                               Higher and higher

Four Give And For Get                                               Forgive and forget

X Sample                                                                    Example

Be Little                                                                       Belittle

Arm More                                                                    Armor

Up Peas                                                                      Appease

Up Side Down                                                             Upside down

Up Praise L                                                                 Appraisal

Donut Move                                                                Do not move

In List                                                                           Enlist

Wave (As an water) Good Buy                                  Wave goodbye

Bam Booze L                                                              Bamboozle

No Park King                                                              No parking

X Tent                                                                         Extent

X Ten Shun                                                                 Extension

D Tent Shun                                                                Detention

Fell Un -                                                                       Felon

Hand Some                                                                 Handsome

Cop E Year                                                                 Copier

X Press Shun                                                              Expression

Per (Each) View                                                         Purview

In Light Ten Meant                                                      Enlightenment

In Title                                                                         Entitle

Con Text You All                                                         Contextual

Fee Line                                                                      Feline

Leaf Me Alone                                                            Leave me alone

Good E 2 Shoo                                                        Goody Two Shoes

Otter Man                                                                    Ottoman

This L                                                                          Thistle

D Mean                                                                       Demean

Dis Cuss Shun                                                            Discussion

X Sent Trick                                                                Eccentric

Mike (Microphone) Row Manage                               Micromanage

More On                                                                      Moron

D Lay                                                                          Delay

Blah Some                                                                  Blossom

Tie Dull Wave                                                             Tidal wave

Pokey (Slow) Nose                                                     Poconos (The Mountains)

S Cap Aid (Assist)                                                       Escapade

Ant See                                                                       Antsy

Catch 22                                                                     Catch 22

Jumping G Hose Fat                                                  Jumpin' Jehoshaphat

Snore Kill                                                                     Snorkel

Hoe Down                                                                   Hoedown

Goo Fee                                                                      Goofy

Moon Shine                                                                Moonshine

Honey Moon                                                               Honeymoon

Fork Lift                                                                       Forklift

Cent -er Line                                                               Center line

So Shell Lies                                                               Socialize

Poop -er- Scoop -er                                                    Pooper Scooper

Man Neck                                                                   Manic

Pig Let                                                                         Piglet

Or Kid                                                                          Orchid

Oh Shun                                                                      Ocean

L Amen Tree                                                               Elementary

D cent                                                                         Decent

Cuss In                                                                        Cousin

Pop Sick Ill                                                                  Popsicle

Under Belly                                                                 Underbelly

In Sin You Ate                                                             Insinuate

In Sin You Way Shun                                                 Insinuation

Summer Rise                                                              Summarize

Ten You Us                                                                 Tenuous

In Sense                                                                      Incense

I Con                                                                           Icon

Low Go                                                                       Logo

Leg Go                                                                        Lego

Chair Man                                                                   Chairman

Gold N Old EEs                                                          Golden Oldies

Rock N Roll                                                                Rock N Roll

East -er                                                                       Easter

Test If I                                                                        Testify

Tent Amount                                                               Tantamount

Disk Swear-(cuss)                                                      Discuss

Arch Cherry                                                                Archery

Auditory Yum                                                              Auditorium

Lemon Aid (Assist)                                                      Lemonade

Beef  Jerk E                                                                Beef Jerky

Dick (Disparaging term) Tater (Potato)                      Dictator

B For                                                                           Before

Up Pity                                                                                    Uppity

D Fence D Part Meant                                               Defense Department

Dough (money or moolah) Nut                                   Donut

Rat L                                                                           Rattle

Rat E                                                                           Ratty

Kangaroo (Roo) In                                                      Ruin

Clothes Sure                                                               Closure

In Vest Meant                                                             Investment

Part T Go -er                                                               Party goer

Add Oh Less Sense                                                    Adolescence

Punk Til (Until) E Us                                                   Punctilious

Floor All                                                                       Floral

Can D Cane                                                                Candy cane

Creep Pee                                                                   Creepy

Pains Taking  (Sign: taking, taking w/both hands)     Painstaking

Up Part Meant                                                                        Apartment

Pain Full                                                                      Painful

Shoo String                                                                 Shoestring

Bone Hungry-(appetite)                                              Bon appetit

Engage, Meant                                                           Engagement

Multi Pull                                                                     Multiple

Eeek Out                                                                     Eke out

Free B                                                                         Freebie

In Sight                                                                        Insight

Out Rage Us                                                               Outrageous

Comb Over                                                                 Comb-Over (A hairstyle)

Coast Tall                                                                    Coastal

Butter Fly (Verb)                                                         Butterfly

Dragon Fly                                                                  Dragonfly

Cop Out                                                                      Cop out (To avoid etc.)

In Die Jest Shun                                                         Indigestion

Demon Straight                                                           Demonstrate

Hunk Key Door E                                                       Hunky-Dory

Con Tempt                                                                  Contempt

D Test                                                                         Detest

B Friend                                                                      Befriend

Boy Cot                                                                       Boycott

Oh men                                                                       Omen

E Merit Us                                                                   Emeritus

Whisk Key                                                                   Whiskey

Front Ear                                                                     Frontier

Arc Tick                                                                      Arctic

June O                                                                        Juneau, Alaska

Scene Your                                                                 Senior

Stone Wall                                                                   Stonewall



This game was submitted by Lyn J Wiley -- a Deaf wordsmith and signsmith extraordinaire.  Do NOT copy and repost this game at your website.  However, feel free to link to this page.


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But wait!  There's more!

Do Dad                                               Doodad

Dew Dad                                            Doodad

Do Fuss                                              Dofuss

Star Struck! (Hit!)                              Starstruck!

S Chew Wary                                     Estuary

East Turn Washing Ton                   Eastern Washington

Con None Drum                                Conundrum

Note Her Dame                                 Noter Dame

Cap P-i-t Chew Late                           Capitulate

Fee Bull                                              Feeble

Fee Bull Mind Dead                          Feeble Minded

Ant Thumb                                         Anthem

Ax Sis (Sister)                                                Axis

Ax L                                                    Axle

Do Dull Bug                                       Doodlebug

Skate Board (Board of Directors) Dead     Skateboarded

Star Bored                                         Starboard

Bee Lie                                               Belie

X Turn All                                           External

In Turn All                                         Internal

Bell Hop                                             Bellhop

Aunt Eye D Press Ants                      Antidepressants

Eye Am Sew Board                           I am so bored

Con Tractor                                       Contractor

Contract U All                                                Contractual

Pie Nap L                                            Pineapple

Bee Feet -Er                                       Beefeater

Con Jew Gate                                     Conjugate

Beauty Vacation                                Beautification

Aww Full Bell E Ache                        Awful Bellyache

V Room!                                             Vroom!

Champ E On Ship                               Championship

Champ Peon Ship                              Championship

Con Sister E                                       Consistory (Council of Cardinals, Catholic Church)

Con Sis (Sister) Ten Sea                   Consistency

Aunt Tea Bell Um                              Antebellum

X Trap O Late                                                Extrapolate

For Rest Range -er                            Forest Ranger

A Which Hunt                                                A witch hunt

Beauty Us                                           Beauteous

Aunt Hill                                             Anthill

D V Eight                                            Deviate

Bed Spread And Pill Os                     Bedspread and pillows                                            

D V A Shun                                         Deviation

Bald -Er Dash                                                Balderdash

Bee Key Per (Each)                           Beekeeper

Bee Keep -Er                                      Beekeeper

Ant Eye Govern Meant                     Antigovernment

Hole E Mole E                                                Holy Moly

Bee Witch                                           Bewitch

Bear (The animal) Feet                    Barefeet

Aunt Tag On Nest                              Antagonist

Tent Amount                                     Tantamount

Move Four Word                              Move forward

Would Whir King Chop                    Woodworking shop

Hole E Ghost                                      Holy Ghost

Ad Mini Stray Shun                           Administration

Bee Four Hand                                  Beforehand

Eye No that!                                       I know that!

Punk Shoe Eight                                Punctuate

R-i-t-e 2 Bear (Animal) Arms           Right to bear arms

Argh You Meant                                Argument

Arch Die O Seas                                 Arch Diocese

D Class If I                                          Declassify

Bee Friend Dead                               Befriended

Red Neck                                            Redneck

Rough Fulll                                        Ruffle

Hare/Rabbit Cut                                Haircut

Sell A Braid                                        Celebrate

Hand Bag                                           Handbag (purse)

Caring (Loving) Ks                            Carrying case

Bee Dull                                              Beetle

Pink Me/I                                           Pinkeye

Con Neck The Dots                           Connect the dots

Non Eggs Sis (Sister) Tent               Nonexistent

Breeze Weigh                                                Breezeway

Calf A Leer (F handshapes)             Cavalier

Up -Er Cut                                          Uppercut

Ten Dance Sea                                   Tendency

Up Standing   City Zen                      Upstanding Citizen

Purse On A Bull                                 Personable

Person Able                                       Personable

Hi (A greeting) Weigh Put T-r-o-l-l Highway Patrol

Cap I-t Tall Lies                                 Capitalize

In Gray She Ate                                 Ingratiate

Con Doe                                             Condo

Pill Fur                                                Pilfer

Up Tight And Tents                           Uptight and Tense

Poor (Impoverished) Tray Yell       Portrayal

Up End Dead                                      Upended

Back (B-K) Words                             Backwards

Be Mud L                                            Bemuddle

Fill Turd                                             Filtered

Con D Send                                        Condescend

Con D Send Dead                              Condescended

Con Found Dead                               Confounded

Pre V Us                                             Previous

Sub Bat (The animal) Ick L              Sabbatical

Sub Bat (Used to hit a ball) Ick L     Sabbatical



Due U Have Change (To change) 4 A Doll -er?

Tore (As in: tore something in half) N-a-y, Doe

You R All Ways Spot (Such as a spot or blemish) On!

Is Your Sit U A Shun Grave? (Sign grave - as in a cemetery)

Hot in Hear! Cheese! Eye Knead 2 Cool (Sign cool! neat!) Off! (Cheese means "Geez!")

Four Your Interview, What Kind (Meaning: thoughtful, nice) Of Knew Close Dew U Knead?

Hare/Rabbit Too Day N Gone 2 m-o-r-r-o-w

Watch (Signed with a modified C handshape at the eyes) Chew, Want?

Bill (Sign dollar-bill) Broke (Sign bankrupt) Hiss Glasses (Sign used to drink from)

C No Evil - Here, Know Evil - Speak, No Evil

Eye Donut No What E-w-e Mean (Sign: mean spirited)

Wee Knead Two Die (Pass away) For This Game (We need two dice for this game)

I Tire (Such as a tire on a vehicle) Of Here Ring His Boast Sting And His Blah, Blah, Blah

Please Watch (Sign wristwatch) My Back (B-K and in ‘came back')

Aise Watch (Sign wristwatch) Your B-K

Eye Kind (To mean type, variety) Of New You Wood Bee Back (A part of the body - the back)

Do E-w-e Like Two Part Tea?

Hay...U Left (The direction) The Gait (A way of walking) Oh Pen!

Bee Cause Eye Said Sew!  That's Y!




A Merry Can                                                              American

Dope Uh Mean                                                           Dopamine

S Car Go                                                                     Escargot

Dog Gone Nut!                                                           Doggone It!

Come Up Pants                                                          Comeuppance

Bum Fuzz L                                                                Bumfuzzle

Gnaw Tickle                                                               Nautical

Gnaw Tackle                                                              Nautical

Alphabet Tickle                                                         Alphabetical

Oh Fish E Eight                                                          Officiate

O Fish He Ate                                                             Officiate

Bell E Butt On                                                                        Bellybutton

Pity Part E                                                                  Pity party

Con Sign Meant                                                         Consignment

S Knit                                                                          Snit

Pass Uh Fire                                                               Pacifier

You Rain E Yum                                                         Uranium

Pro Teen                                                                    Protein

Paw City                                                                     Paucity

Fill Ant Throw Pissed                                               Philanthropist

Cat -Er Pillar                                                              Caterpillar

Cap It You Late                                                          Capitulate

Youth In Asia                                                             Euthanasia

U Go Girl                                                                     You go, girl!

Get off my Ks!                                                                        Get off my case!

Foe Cuss Sing                                                                        Focusing

Enter Prize Sing                                                         Enterprising

N In Come Poop                                                        Nincompoop

Over Process Sing                                                     Overprocessing

Dis- (Not) Appointment                                            Disappointment

Chew Wah Wah  (As if crying/bawling                  Chihuahua

Hill Air E Us                                                                Hilarious

D Sign -Er                                                                   Designer

Pepper Oh Knee                                                        Pepperoni

Heel E Yum                                                                Helium

Weigh Over Wait                                                       Way overweight

Down Scale                                                                Downscale

Deep Press Sing                                                        Depressing

Coarse (Rough) Of Action                                        Course of action

Knit Pick                                                                     Nitpick

Knit Pick -Er                                                               Nitpicker

Knit Pick King                                                            Nitpicking

Individual Lies (As in: lies down) Sing                    Individualizing                                  

Individual Lies (Falsehoods) Sing                           Individualizing

Danger Us                                                                  Dangerous

Danger Us Cross (The emblem) Walk                    Dangerous crosswalk

Shelf Fish                                                                   Shellfish

Shelf Ish                                                                     Shellfish

X Pose (Mime a pose)  Sing                                      Exposing

X Pose Sure                                                                Exposure

Orange Rough Fee                                                    Orange Roughy

Fasten Nation                                                                        Fascination

Damn Nation                                                             Damnation

New More Us                                                             Numerous

Tranquil (Peaceful) Eyes                                          Tranquilize

Come E D N                                                                Comedian

Come E D Ns                                                              Comedians

Come E Dick                                                               Comedic

Mew Sing                                                                    Musing

Cheap Skate                                                               Cheapskate

Over Dozed                                                                Overdosed

M Bus E                                                                      Embassy

M Bus See                                                                  Embassy

M Busy                                                                       Embassy

M Bus C                                                                      Embassy

Cents Us                                                                     Census

Sense Us                                                                     Census

X Z Ma (Mom)                                                            Eczema

In Dust Realize                                                          Industrialize

In Dust Real Eyes                                                      Industrialize

Person L                                                                     Personal

Person L                                                                     Personnel

Air Force (Verb - to force) Person L                                  Air Force Personnel

Sense Say Shun L                                                      Sensational

Sense Say Shun L Eyes                                             Sensationalize

Multi Process Sing                                                     Multiprocessing

Dis- (Not) Integrate                                                  Disintegrate

Where Wolf                                                               Werewolf

Wear Wolf                                                                 Werewolf

Hog Tide (Water rising)                                           Hogtied

Tree Son                                                                    Treason

Tree Sun                                                                    Treason

Crayon O Logical                                                       Chronological

Out Pour Ring                                                            Outpouring

Honor Air E Yum                                                       Honorarium

Face (The) Mew Sick                                                            Face the music

Can (Like a soup-can) Knot C I Two I                     Cannot see eye to eye

Can (Albe) Knot C Eye Two Eye                              Cannot see eye to eye

Due U Bee Leave In Me?  Or Knot?                         Do you believe in me? Or knot?

Oh Pee Yum                                                               Opium

Oh P Yum                                                                   Opium

O Pea Yum                                                                  Opium

Fill Harm On Ick                                                        Philharmonic

Jeep Rs Creep Rs                                                       Jeepers Creepers

Sub Tour Rain E Um                                                 Subterranean

I Let                                                                            Eyelet

Eye Let                                                                       Eyelet

Radio Active                                                               Radioactive

Free Wheel -Er                                                          Freewheeler

Engine Ear                                                                 Engineer

Engine Ear Ring                                                         Engineering

Engine Ear Ring Feet                                                            Engineering feat

Turn (To take a turn) A Blind I (Me, I)                   Turn a blind eye

Determine Nation                                                     Determination

Up Holster                                                                  Upholster

Up Holster Ring                                                         Upholstering

Cop E Write                                                               Copyright

Cop E Right                                                                Copyright

Cop E Writer                                                              Copywriter

Cop E Right -Er                                                          Copywriter

Child Bear (The animal) Ring                                  Childbearing

Child Bare (Naked) Ring                                          Childbearing

Chile Bear (Endure) Ring                                         Childbearing

Dis- (Not) Member                                                    Dismember

Dis- (Not) Member Ring                                           Dismembering

Gym N-a-y See Yum                                                  Gymnasium

Gym Neigh See Yum                                                  Gymnasium   

Gym N-a-y C Yum                                                      Gymnasium

X Sponge                                                                    Expunge

Me D Yum                                                                  Medium

Cent Tour E Un- (Not)                                              Centurian

Cent Sure E                                                                Century

Don't Go Down That Rode                                       Don't go down that  road

Whisk E                                                                      Whisky, Whiskey

Whisk Key                                                                  Whisky, Whiskey

Punk Til (Until) E Us                                                 Punctilious

Oh Pee Yum                                                               Opium

Oh P Yum                                                                   Opium

Orange Rough E                                                        Orange Roughy

Orange Rough Fee                                                    Orange Roughy

I Land                                                                         Island

Brew Ha Ha                                                               Brouhaha

Stay D Yum                                                                Stadium

T D Yum                                                                     Tedium

Tea D Yum                                                                 Tedium

Boo Sting                                                                    Boosting

Per (Each) Pa (Dad) Chew I-t-y                               Perpetuity

Black List Sting                                                          Blacklising

Wine -Er E                                                                  Winery

Bug Uh Boo                                                                Bugaboo

Bam Booze L                                                             Bamboozle

Leg Uh C                                                                     Legacy

Leg Uh See                                                                 Legacy

M Bell -Ish                                                                  Embellish

M Bell -Ish Meant                                                      Embellishment

In Jest                                                                         Ingest

Pre Me                                                                                    Preemie

Pre Me Yum                                                               Premium

More A Tore E Yum                                                  Moratorium

Class Sick L                                                                Classical

D Tear (When crying) E Or Eight                            Deteriorate

Ever Last Sting                                                          Everlasting

Stand Off ‘Ish'                                                                        Standoffish

Fee G                                                                          Fiji

Bat (The animal) Man                                               Batman

Bat (Used to hit a ball) Man                                     Batman

Sent Ten E L                                                              Sentenniel

Tooth Fair (Equal, Even) E                                      Tooth Fairy

Tooth Fair (County fair) E                                       Tooth Fairy

Stand Off Fish                                                                        Standoffish

Hi (A greeting) Five                                                  High Five

High (On drugs) Five                                                            High Five

High Five                                                                    High Five

So Shell Butter Fly                                                    Social butterfly

D Side Dead Two Four Go                                       Decided to forego

Motor Mouth                                                             Motormouth

Un-(Not) Self Fish                                                     Unselfish

Imp Pressed                                                               Impressed

Imp Rest                                                                     Impressed

S-y-m Pose E Yum                                                     Symposium

Have N Scent                                                             Heaven sent

In Knock You Eight                                                   Innocuate

In Knock You Ate                                                      Innocuate

Per (Each) Me Ability                                                Permeability

Per (Each) Jury                                                          Perjury

Can Noodle                                                                Canoodle (To cuddle, hug, kiss)

Canoed L                                                                    Canoodle

Un- (Not) Sell Fish                                                     Unselfish

Un- (Not) Cell Fish                                                    Unselfish

For In                                                                         Foreign

Four in                                                                       Foreign

For In -Er                                                                   Foreigner

Four In -Er                                                                 Foreigner

Un- (Not) Great Full                                                  Ungrateful

Wish Full Think King                                                            Wishful thinking

Sub Board (Wooden board) In Nation                   Subordination

Sub Bored In Nation                                                 Subordination

Sub Board (As a board of directors) In Nation     Subordination

Sea Son                                                                       Season

Sea Sun                                                                       Season

See Sunned                                                                Seasoned

C Sunned                                                                    Seasoned

D V Us                                                                         Devious

Sea Sunned                                                                Seasoned

Die Uh B  Teas                                                           Diabetes

Die Uh Bee Tease                                                      Diabetes

Die Uh Beet Es                                                           Diabetes

Die Uh Bee Ts                                                                        Diabetes

X Trap O Late                                                                        Extrapolate

With Stand                                                                 Withstand

Not With Standing                                                     Notwithstanding                                                                                                                                                                                           

D Part Dead                                                               Departed

Dis (To ‘diss' someone) Sent                                   Dissent

A Line Meant                                                             Alignment

Crack (Fracture) Down                                            Crackdown

Up Prove                                                                    Approve

Ax A Dental                                                                Accidental

Office -Er                                                                    Officer

Wreck Tangle                                                                        Rectangle

Ghost Writer                                                              Ghostwriter

Auto Graph                                                                Autograph

Flea Sing                                                                     Fleecing

X Change                                                                    Exchange

Ha Why E                                                                   Hawaii

You Knit T                                                                  Unity

Bye Son                                                                      Bison

Character Eyes                                                          Characterize

Weather Purse Un- (Not)                                         Weatherperson

Weather Per Sun                                                       Weatherperson

Tie (Necktie) Brake -Er                                            Tiebreaker

Tie (I.e. to tie one's shoes) Break Her                    Tiebreaker

Tie (I.e. to tie one's shoes) Clasp                             Tie Clasp

Bull Head Dead                                                         Bull-headed

Pig Head Dead                                                           Pig-headed

Flea Sea                                                                      Fleecy

Bull Frog                                                                    Bullfrog

Rest Less                                                                    Restless

Can On                                                                        Canon

On Look -er                                                                Onlooker

Real Lies                                                                     Realize

Real Eyes                                                                    Realize

Come Fur Tub L                                                        Comfortable

See Lie On                                                                  Sea Lion

Dis- (Not) Tricked                                                     District

Ring (Jewelry) Lead -Er                                            Ringleader

Ring (Jewelry) Leader                                              Ringleader

Try Bull                                                                      Tribal

Miss (To miss someone) Uh Sip E                           Mississippi

Miss (to miss catching something) Uh Sip Pee       Mississippi

Down Low Dead                                                       Downloaded

Up Low Dead                                                             Uploaded

X Q Says                                                                      Excuses

Know Will Power                                                      No willpower

And Iron                                                                     Andiron

Per (Each) Me Eight                                                  Permeate

Perm E Ate                                                                 Permeate

Tie (Verb - i.e. tie a bow) Break -Er                                    Tiebreaker

Tie (A man's garment) Break -er                            Tiebreaker

Long For Got Ten                                                     Long-forgotten

Long Four Got Ten                                                   Long-forgotten

Hand D Cap                                                                Handicap

Miss (As in I missed you) Hand L                            Mishandle

Slip (As to slip on ice) Not                                        Slipknot

Gold N Rod                                                                Goldenrod

Fun D-u-h Mental                                                      Fundamental

Four Man                                                                   Foreman

For Man                                                                     Foreman

For Purse Son                                                                       Foreperson

Four Per (Each) Sun                                                 Foreperson

Long Lay Over                                                           Layover

Under Fun Dead                                                        Underfunded

Down Grades (I.e. Grades  a teacher would give) Downgrades

Down Grade Dead                                                    Downgraded

Part Ridge                                                                  Partridge

Part Ridge In A Pair Tree                                         Partridge in a pear tree

Ma (Mother) Tear (When crying) Real                  Material

On Go Wing                                                                Ongoing

Back (B-K) Hand Dead                                             Backhanded

Back (Part of the body) Hand Dead                                    Backhanded

Pick You L Your                                                         Peculiar

On Look King                                                             Onlooking

Over Look King                                                         Overlooking

Will Oh We                                                                 Willowy

Un- (Not) Past Your Eyes                                         Unpasteurized

Caw Cuss                                                                    Caucus

D Man Eyes                                                                Demonize

Ill Us Tray Shun                                                         Illustration

Can O Pee                                                                   Canopy

Work A Haul Lick                                                      Workaholic

Can Dull                                                                      Candle

Can A Bull Eyes                                                         Cannibalize

Un Con Dish Un Null                                                 Unconditional

Can Teen                                                                    Canteen

Cot Ton                                                                      Cotton

In True Shun                                                             Intrusion

Per Sent Ages                                                                        Percentages

Come Part Meant                                                      Compartment

Pity Full                                                                      Pitiful

Sand Ls                                                                       Sandals

Tramp (Bum) O Lean                                               Trampoline

Toe Til (Until) E                                                         Totally

Per (Each) Son L                                                       Personal

Japan Knees                                                               Japanese

Car Care E -Er                                                                        Car Carrier

I Rock Key                                                                  Iraqui

I Rainy N                                                                    iranian

Con Sin Tray Shun                                                    Concentration

Get Uh Weigh                                                             Getaway

Bull Doze -Er                                                             Bulldozer

Chair Per (Each) Sun                                                            Chairperson

Will Full E                                                                   Willfully

O Pen (The) Win Doe                                                           Open the window

Cheese! I Got Fired (Flames) Last Weak!               Geez!  I got fired last week!

Fun D Mental                                                             Fundamental

Baby Z Bra                                                                 Baby zebra

Git! (Shoo! Scat!) R                                                   Guitar

Gate R                                                                         Gater

Shoo Shine                                                                 Shoeshine

X Pecked Tent                                                            Expectant

Con Silly A Tore E                                                     Conciliatory

Foot Ball And Base Ball Fan (Ceiling fan)              Football and baseball fan

Sub Bat (The animal) Tickle                                                Sabbatical

Sub Bat (Used to his a ball) Tickle                          Sabbatical

Fan At Tickle                                                              Fanatical

Score Pee On                                                             Scorpion

Visa V                                                                         Vis-a-vis

Up Sand Downs                                                         Ups and downs

Met A Four                                                                 Metaphor

An Throw Apology                                                   Anthropology

Time Four A Cough E Break                                                Time for a coffee break

Two Bad Sew Sad                                                     Too bad, so sad

On Top (A spinning toy) Of (The) Whirled                        On top of the world

Cuss Study                                                                 Custody

S Chew                                                                        Eschew

Lion L Rich E                                                             Lionel Richie (Famous singer)

Doll E Part On                                                                        Dolly Parton (Famous singer)

May Gun Train -Er                                                    Meghan Trainor (Famous singer)

Dis- (Not) Pear                                                          Despair

Dis- (not) Pair                                                            Despair

Dis- (Not) Pair Ring                                                  Despairing

Fist You L-a                                                                Fistula

Fist Chew L-a                                                             Fistula

Fist U L-a                                                                    Fistula

Hi (A greeting) Per (Each) Active                            Hyperactive

High Per Active                                                          Hyperactive

Past Or                                                                        Pastor

Low -Er                                                                      Lower

Low Whir                                                                   Lower

Can Door                                                                    Candor

Rock (As to rock a baby) And Roll (dinner roll)   Rock and Roll

Rock (A large stone) And Roll (Verb)                     Rock and Roll

Snow Home -Ish                                                        Snohomish, Washington

Knew Z Land                                                             New Zealand

New Z Land                                                               New Zealand

Whir King Mom                                                         Working Mom

Were King Mom                                                        Working Mom

Whir King Dad                                                           Working Dad

Were King Dad                                                          Working Dad

High Year                                                                   Higher, Hire

High Your                                                                   Higher, Hire

Cat Uh List                                                                  Catalyst

Pair E Wink L                                                             Periwinkle

Pear E Wink L                                                            Periwinkle

Loves Me Loves Me Knot                                         Loves me, loves me not

My Knew Hot Rod Cost Big Deer!                           My new hotrod cost big bucks!

Collar Ad O                                                                 Colorado

Collar Ad Oh                                                              Colorado

Collar Add Oh                                                                        Colorado

Color Add Oh                                                             Colorado

Color Ad O                                                                 Colorado

Tie (A man's garment) Grrr                                     Tiger

TIe (An even score in competition) Grrr               Tiger

Tie (Verb - as in to tie a shoe) Grrr                                    Tiger


And just for fun: 

Naked Face Shoo!  Bird                                            Bare-Faced-Go Away-Bird

Naked Face Shoe Bird                                              Bare-Faced-Go-Away-Bird

Bear Face Shoo! Bird                                                           Bare-Faced-Go-Away-Bird

Bear (Endure) Face Shoo! Bird                               Bare-Faced-Go-Away-Bird

Bear (Endure) Face Shoe Bird                                Bare-Faced-Go-Away-Bird


Note:   The bare-faced-go-away-bird is a real and interesting bird that is native to  the Eastern Afrotropics)




Eye Saw (Verb - as in saw wood) Too Snakes Near Bye. That shook (Such as  to shake a jar of vinegar an oil) Me Up. Sew, Eye D Side Dead Two Step Weigh Back (A part of the body) 

I saw two snakes nearby, and that shook me up. So, I decided to step way back.


Four Me Fix Sing This Will Bee A Peace Of Cake

For me, fixing this will be a piece of cake.


Sum Peep L  Drive Me Nuts (Nuts - the kind you eat)

Some people drive me nuts.


Hole E Cow! You One Won Thousand Doll Rs!? 

Holy cow!  You won one thousand dollars!?


Hay! Is Your In Tent Two Council Me?  If Sew U Can Four Get It! 

Hey! Is your intent to counsel me?  If so, forget it!


Wood U Higher A Fell On - Low Down Lay Z Dis- (Not) Honest Know Good Purse Un With A Dis- (Not) Pick Able Passed Wreck Cord!?

Would you hire a felon - a low-down, lazy dishonest, no-good person with a despicable past record!?


(The) Judge (If/Court) ) On Fry Day Will Bee Red E 2 Sent Tense Bill (Dollar bill) Four His Ill (Sick) Legal Act (Drama) I-v-i-t-y.  

The judge, on Friday, will be ready to sentence Bill for his illegal activity.


He May Bee My Cuss In Butt He's All Sew A Sell Fish Know Good More On!

He may be my cousin, but he's also a selfish,  no-good-moron.


That Fell On - Did He Break Out and Flea!?

That felon - did he break out and flee!?


She Was Up Set And She Bald And Bald For Ours

She was upset, and she bawled and bawled for hours.


O Know! Knot good! Whir Lost!  Witch Weigh Wood U Chews Two Go?

Oh no!  Not good! We're lost!  Which way would you choose to go?


The Store Es About A We Tie Knee D Light Full Talk King Drag on.

The story's about a wee, tiny, delightful, talking dragon.


He's Un- Pre Dick Table. Sew, Of Coarse, Eye Can Knot Deep End On Him.

He's unpredictable, So, of course,  I cannot depend on him


Sum Mothers Whir Cooperative With The Principle, Sum Others Whir Knot.

Some mothers were cooperative with the principal, some others were not.


Eye Knead Two Bye Sum More Flower Bee Four Eye Can (Such as a beer can) Make A Chair E  Pi.

I need to buy some more flour before I can make a cherry pie.


He's A Throw Back (Part of the body) Two Daze Gone Bye.

He's a throwback to days gone by.


Y Due U Under Mine Me?  That's Mean! (Mean as in:  Do you mean you might quit your job)?