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Hockey and the Deaf:
By Courtney Turner, 3/27/2008

Irv Tiahnybik had a dream that his son, who was hearing impaired, could play sports with others with the same disability. In the early 1970's, Irv got together many volunteers who shared the same enthusiasm, and opened a hearing impaired hockey clinic. Not knowing the amount of people's interest he would spark, Irv ended up getting 31 deaf/ hard of hearing boys together for their first clinic. Soon after this clinic started the American Hearing Impaired Hockey Association was formed (About AHIHA, 2008). Not only does the non profit organization, AHIHA, help the hearing impaired community in the sports aspect, they also help assist the players in receiving hearing aids, speech, auditory and language therapy.

For more details see: "About AHIHA." American Hearing Impaired Hockey Association. 20 Mar. 2008  <>


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