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Deaf Mechanics:

A notes page:

Chris Harwell, Atlanta GA (Deaf)
Chase Harting, Prosper TX (Deaf)
Luke Howard Atlanta, GA (Deaf)
Travis Hall, Greeley, CO (Deaf)

Ken Phillips, (Deaf mechanic)

Kirt Billings (Deaf mechanic)
OklahomaHorizonTV > Metro Technology Centers Aviation Career Campus:

Danny Blalock (Deaf mechanic)
Joel Martinez (Deaf mechanic)
VP: (512) 961-3300
Text: (512) 815-2204
4139 Felter Lane, Suite B, Austin TX 78744
Daily Moth: "Silent Automotive" (Nov. 9, 2015)
Silent Automotive is a Deaf-owned auto repair shop in Austin, TX

Kary Duo (Deaf) Owner of Bumper Globe Collision and Mechanic shop in Baltimore
Address: 1845 S Hanover St, Baltimore, MD 21230







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