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Military Time:

How would you sign military time (midnight being 00:00 and noon being 1200 and four being 1600). Is there a way or would it just be the civilian time?

Military time is not a common topic for it to have a widely establish or followed rule but I can tell you what I and my wife (who is also Deaf) do. Also, for what it is worth, at the time of this writing we have a son who is currently serving in the army. We would just sign "16 HUNDRED HOUR" if I needed to specify the corresponding military time.

We are discussing the equivalent of three different languages here (functionally).
Or two languages (English and ASL) and a dialect (or lingo).


The question here is really, "How can we use ASL to directly map to military lingo in regard to clock time?"

When we start attempting to directly link or map ASL to some other language we are no longer interpreting but rather we are translating and would sign 16 HUNDRED HOUR in context. The context is important. Otherwise we need to specify we are discussing military time.




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