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Music and the Deaf: 

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Dear Lifeprint visitors.
I have removed  some of the articles that were previously posted to this page.
Why?  Because it is my goal to be reflective of Deaf Culture throughout this website and some of the previously posted articles were not in keeping with my standards for quality.  I may at some point re-post some of the articles and/or new articles, but for now let me share this bit of information that was sent to me by an associate. (See below.)
-- Dr. Bill

"What Hearing people who work with the Deaf think of music is not what we Deaf think.
We value eyes, hands, motion, and rhythm!
These things are the basic elements of communication, language, and art in Deaf culture.
Voices, instruments, and sound are NOT very important in our culture.
Our world is a rich, visual world!
It is true that many hard of hearing people love music.
Very few people who are "stone Deaf" enjoy music.

-  submitted by a 5th generation native Deaf Adult 


I will provide for you (below) some references to various "music and the Deaf" articles, but I would like to caution you to consider "the source" of any information you read and whether that source is a "Hearing person," a "Hard of Hearing person," or a "d/Deaf person (culturally and physically Deaf person)."
-- Dr. Bill

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