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Navigating the Deaf Community as a Hearing Person:
Advice from a Deaf Person

A workshop by:  Belinda G. Vicars, MFA

1. Introduction: The Deaf Community is very complex and diverse.

2. Reasons why Hearing students learn ASL

3. Reasons why Deaf use ASL

4. Revolving Door: Who stays and Who goes.

5. Necessity is the Backbone of our Community: Deaf World, Deaf Mind

6. Dangers of Tourism. (We are not your zoo animal)

7. Real People: (We are not your source of inspiration)

8. Your Lens is not our lens: Be aware of and understand your privilege.

9. Deaf space is not your safe space -- it's ours.

10. Guests: Take off your shoes.

11. Experience: Your Book learning vs Our Life Experience.

12. (Ab)using Deaf to Satisfy your Deaf Event Assignment.

13. Interaction: Hands up!

14. We are People of the Eye (Don't look away.)

15. Respect: We are the experts in our language. Do not correct us.

16. Q & A Session

[If you would like Belinda Vicars to present at your organization contact her. Facebook is your best bet.]


*8: You have advantages a Hearing person.  Your advantages affect how you see the world.  What you see is not what we see. We do not wear the same pair of glasses.

*9:  Your danger level goes up as you go wide: Individual, Gatherings, and the Internet.


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