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American Sign Language: Expressive Script

Expressive Script
Instructions:   This is not an exact science.  In general I want you to convey the following types of information.

Greeting: Say hello

Introduce yourself, first and last name, find out the other person's name (or to the camera), tell the other person (or the camera) that it is nice to meet them or "likewise" if  they indicate that it is nice to meet you.

State your situation: 
Sample:  I'm hearing, I'm learning ASL at XYZ college.
Sample:  I'm hearing.  My friend taught me a bit of signing.
Sample:  I'm a student at XYZ college.  ASL 1.
Sample:  I'm learning ASL to communicate with my Deaf Friend.
Sample:  I'm learning ASL.  My instructor is _________.

Ask the other person's situation:
Sample: Are you deaf?
Sample:  Are you Hearing?
Sample:  Are you a teacher?
Sample:  Are you a student?

Tell about your family:
Sample:  My mom and dad are Deaf and have four children, all hearing, I'm the third.
Sample:  My dad I don't know him. I live with my mom. 
Sample:  My mom dad divorce.  Both re-marry.  I live with Dad. My sister live with my biological mom.  My step-mom has 2 kids. So, I have one sister and two half-sisters.
Sample:  I'm divorced, currently dating a new woman, six months.
Sample:  I'm married, 4 kids.
Sample:  I'm single.
Sample:  I have a sweetheart.  We've been together 2 years and three months.

Tell where you are from or where you were born and raised:
Sample:  I'm from here.
Sample:  I was born in Los Angeles, California  
Sample:  I was born and raised in Utah and moved here three years ago. 
Sample:  I am an army brat.  I've moved all over the place.

Tell where you live:
Sample:  I live _________ (spell name of your city or do its namesign or abbreviation)
Sample:  I in the dorms.
Sample:  I live in an apartment with 2 roommates. 
Sample:  I live with my boyfriend. 
Sample:  I live with my parents. 
Sample:  I live with my wife. The two of us are buying a house.
Sample:  I'm homeless.  I live in my car.

Tell what you like to do:
Sample:  I like watching TV
Sample:  I like reading
Sample:  I like sleeping 
Sample:  I enjoy eating 
Sample:  I love basketball

Tell your phone number:  (This doesn't have to be a "real" phone number)
Sample:  916 slight pause 555 slight pause 4321 (all palm forward, all individual digits)

Tell your email address:  (This doesn't have to be a "real" email address)

Tell your favorite color:
Sample:  My favorite color is red.

Tell me your favorite food:
My favorite food is bananas.

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