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ASL Speed Dating Practice Activity

Arrange the classroom chairs in two rows facing each other.  Space them fairly close but far enough apart that students can get in and out of the chairs easily.  Place one or two practice sheets on each chair.  The practice sheets should have from 5 to 10 questions.

Instructions to the students:

Sit in two rows facing each other. Don't worry about sitting next to your friend because we will be switching seats often.
When I tell you to start, take turns back and forth asking your  partner the questions on your sheet of paper.

Get an answer. If the answer doesn't make sense ask your partner (via sign language) to clarify.  If you get stuck, ask me (the teacher) to come over and clarify things.  If you don't know a sign try spelling it to your partner who may be able to show it to you. If neither of you know it feel free to as the person on your left if they know it.  If none of you know it or if you are not convinced that the students around you are doing it right -- raise your hand and get me (the teacher) involved.

If you and your signing partner get done asking your questions -- one of you should raise your hand and inform me that you are finished." After a few pairs of students have informed me that they are finished I'll know it is time to have you switch partners.  I may  give you an extra practice sheet if you get done way before everyone else so you will have something productive to do. Or if you get done with the practice sheets -- after informing me that you are done -- feel free to chat in sign language about random topics while you are waiting for the switch.

When I tell you to switch, leave the card on your chair.  Don't take the card with you.   Move one space to your left. Those on the ends do NOT switch sides but rather move all the way to the beginning of the same side of the same row. We will keep switching until you get back to your original seat and the activity will be over.  You might see the same person twice -- so be nice.



Notes to instructors:
Or feel free to set up some sort of other movement pattern but the point is the students ask questions and switch to a new partner after a few minutes.
This activity can take a half-hour or more depending on how many students you have.
The practice sheets can be based on the practice questions in the lessons 1 through 60.


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