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American Sign Language: "Requesting an ASL Tutor"

Dear __________,
Here is my Spring 2017 ASL Tutor List: (Lastname, Firstname) (Lastname, Firstname) (Lastname, Firstname) (Lastname, Firstname) (Lastname, Firstname) (Lastname, Firstname)

There is no guarantee that any of them will be able to tutor you but it will help if you type out clearly what days and times you are available to be tutored.
If you "do" get together with a tutor, do not expect them to have a process or a system. Instead I recommend you bring a list of sentences or signs or items that you wish to review. Make an extra copy for the tutor. For best results in obtaining a tutor email each tutor separately using their first name. (Don't just send out a blanket spam email.)
I'll type up an example of a good "tutor request" below.
Dr. Bill Vicars

Sample Tutor Request. Modify to meet your preferences:
"Hi (first name of tutor),
My name is __________ and I'm taking an "ASL 1" class at CSUS. Your name was listed as a potential tutor and I'm wondering if you could meet with me a few times? I'm available on the following days and times:
[List EVERY time you have available. Do the WORK of making a decent, clear list. Don't make the tutor play email ping pong with you to figure out a time that will work.]
We could meet in the lobby of Eureka and find an empty classroom or even go to the library to do the tutoring. I'll attach a pic of myself so you can recognize me when we meet. I'll bring a list of signs and sentences that I wish to review.
Thank you in advance. I appreciate your time.
[your first and last name]
[your email]




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