Registration is open year round.
To register just copy and paste the registration letter below into an email and send it to Dr. Bill at: 
Then use "this link" to pay your tuition. Within 72 hours after registering and paying tuition you will receive a "Welcome" email with instructions on how to take and succeed in your ASL course.


ASL University Course Registration Letter:

Dear Dr. Bill Vicars,  

I would like to register for your "American Sign Language Course." I understand the following:

ASLU is an online private school that includes a series of ASL courses and other resources and does not award college credit. The ASLU transcript lists Continuing Education Units (CEUs) which document participation in an organized continuing education experience under responsible sponsorship, capable direction, and qualified instruction.

In addition to various online assignments and quizzes, in order to pass an ASLU class I must complete a proctored final examination as well as a video-recorded project -- each at a level of 70% or better accuracy.  If I'm working toward a degree or diploma I should approach my local college, school district, or employer before enrolling in this program to determine the transferability of ASLU's courses.  Successfully completing this program will likely require approximately 75 hours of direct study per course plus practice, assignment completion, and testing.  I understand that the cost is $483 per course.  A full refund is available for the first 3 days after enrollment.  After which there is no refund as long as I am provided with an appropriate curriculum, reasonable access to a qualified ASL instructor for questions, reasonable access to the ASL University website ( or equivalent), and an evaluation of my video project & final exam for up to one year from the receiving access to the course.  There is no guarantee that I will pass. My grade will be based on how well I do in my studies based on the professional experience of a qualified ASL instructor.  Here is my information:

Student's First and Last Name: 
Student's email & alternate email:

Registering for which course level: 
The name on the credit card is: 
Student's reason for taking this class -- local school, program, or self-improvement, etc.:  

Pay Tuition: CLICK HERE

After those two things (your registration letter and your payment of tuition) you are all set.  Within about 72 hours you'll get a "Welcome" email with important information including a link to the right syllabus for your course and instructions on how to successfully complete the course.

No need to read further but I'll put some info for those who might be paying with a check.

* For "How this course is being paid for" if you are paying by credit card (you don't need a Paypal account. Paypal let's you choose an option to "pay with credit card") indicate whose name the payment is under, if you are paying via check, then indicate what account it is from and put the student and ASL level in the memo line. If your local school district is going to pay for the course then indicate the name of the person or district whose name is on the the payment.] 
If you are  paying by check, you can make it out to "Lifeprint" and print your registration letter and send it with your check ($483 per course) to: Lifeprint, William Vicars, 8506 Everglade Dr., Sacramento, CA 95826-3617.  Then within about three business days after receipt of payment (usually the same day -- remember to include your email address!) you will get an "Welcome" email with your course information, a link to your syllabus, and instructions on how to successfully complete the course.


A former student "rbrown" writes:
Subject: Re: ASLU: Level 2: Russell Brown: Video Project Results / Course Result

Dr. Vicars,
Thank you so much! This experience has opened new doors for my future and has made me a better student overall! I will be passing the word about ASLU to everybody as well as information about the ASL lifestyle and culture. I greatly appreciate everything you have done to help be succeed.
Best Regards,
-Russell Brown
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To: <>

May I have your permission to post that quote?
If not, that is fine too.
-- Dr. Bill

In a message dated 11/25/____ 12:08:55 P.M. Pacific Standard Time, rbrown writes:

Yes sir you may!
Thanks again,

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