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When and how to contact Dr. Bill:

Hello ASL Heroes!!!

You are important to me.  I try to read every one of your emails and I respond to as many as time and circumstances permit.

However, since I like to feed my family I need time to work and earn money. (Feel free to donate though -- it helps a lot).

I get lots of requests from people asking questions or wanting to know various signs -- so many requests that I some weeks I can't answer them all.  On the bright side, there is a good chance that I've already answered your question "somewhere" on this site or it has been answered on my Facebook ASLU group's page: 
It is a terrific group. To protect the privacy of the posters but you have to "apply" for membership and be admitted by going to that address, requesting to join the group and then answering the various pre-join questions.

If you just want to know how to sign something, visit:  (using a full-size browser like on a laptop or desktop computer.)  If you are on a mobile device instead use this link:

If you have questions about and/or ASL University visit the "about" page. See: ABOUT.

You can also check out the Frequently Asked Questions Page and/or the registration page. 

If you want to be an ASL Hero and donate money to ASLU, use this link:

Again, if you can't find the information you want via a search, try joining the "lifeprint-aslu" facebook group: (Yah, I mentioned that twice. Hint, hint.)

If none of the above meet your needs and you feel that you REALLY need to contact me, here you go:

Contact Info for general topics:

William G. Vicars, EdD


 Contact Info for my California State University Students:
William Vicars, Ed.D.
Professor Emeritus
Deaf Studies Program
California State University, Sacramento


(There is no need to email both.  The CSUS email forwards to the AOL in-box.)

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Question:  Why no "voice" phone number listed? 

Answer: Due to being Deaf/hh I do not have any voice minutes on my cell phone.
 (Cool fact: At the time of my phone contract, AT&T provided a discount for Deaf and hard of hearing consumers.  It provides a decent monthly rate but no voice minutes -- perfect for Deaf/hh customers like me). (Edit: Seems AT&T have changed things.  So I switched to Mint Mobile).

I used to keep a VP (video-phone) hooked up at my desk so folks could call me through "the relay" (video relay interpreting or "VRI") but I stopped using that since it was hard to get any work done due to constantly being interrupted throughout the day.  It just made it near impossible to build curriculum or take care of projects.  Such direct communication interfered with my work (and the quality of my life).  So...if you want to get a hold of me, email is your best bet. 

I "don't" recommend "private messaging" me though Facebook messenger. I get too many of those and rarely even look at incoming messages from strangers all over the world.  Instead, just email me.

For general ASL-related information join the Lifeprint-ASLU Facebook group and (if necessary) tag me there.  Chances are someone else will have already answered your question by the time I log on.

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