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How to donate to ASLU:


Thank you for donating.  I really appreciate every single donation to ASL University.  If you can afford to help a lot, great!  Any amount though is appreciated!

Even a little bit helps so much.

To keep things safe and secure I use "Paypal."  You can pay with a normal credit card and don't need to have a Paypal account. 

When you click on the "donate" button below it takes you to a payment page and it gives you an option to donate with a credit card without needing to join Paypal.  Easy.

Click the button or copy and paste the following link into your address bar:





Question: Can I use Patreon instead?

Answer: Yes, certainly!  Thanks.  You can donate via Patreon at

Question:  Can I use "Cash App"?

Answer:  Yes, you may use "Cash App" from this link:$Lifeprint  

Question:  Can I use "Venmo"?

Answer:  Yes, you may use "Venmo" via this this link: 


Question:  How will my donation be used?

Answer:  Your generosity helps pay for the web hosting, domain name subscription, computer equipment, internet connection,  software, and video equipment used to create the website and ASL materials.  *See "the" list further below.

Question:  Can I deduct this on my tax?

Answer:  That would be great -- but no, sorry.  I'm just a college professor trying to help people by using my evenings and weekends in a productive manner.  The amount of time and organizational ability it takes to set up and maintain a 501 (c)(3) non-profit is huge. Bee (my wife) and I actually did that once many years ago.  If found that it took away from the time I devote to actually building and sharing ASL materials.  So we just do this as regular people (with a sole proprietor business license).

Question:  Do I have to use Paypal?  Can I just pay with a credit card?

Answer:  The PayPal donation page has an option to pay by credit card as a guest without setting up an account or see below for more options or contact me for an address to which you can send a check. 

Question: How can I contact you?

Answer:  For contact information, visit the "Contact Information Page." 

American Sign Language (ASL) University




The reason why your donation is appreciated is to help pay the expenses involved with running ASL University:

* Dedicated IP address fee for

* Domain hosting fees for ASLU-related websites:,,,,,, ...

* Domain name registration fee

* Cloud storage fee (Dropbox)

* Internet / data fee (AT&T)

* Secure socket layer (ssl) certificate fee (GoDaddy)

* Equipment purchase, maintenance, and replacement costs: computers, monitors, etc.

* Hard drives for storage / usb drives / SD cards / cameras / tripods / lenses

* Software (for editing the videos)

* Stipends and snacks for the interns

* electricity (for the home studio / office)