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LEAVE: The American Sign Language (ASL) sign for "leave"

LEAVE-"go away" vs LEAVE-"leave behind/abandon"
The English word "leave" has multiple meanings, make sure use the right sign to express your intended meaning.


LEAVE as in "go away"
This sign looks like the sign for "AND" but the location is different.  "AND" is in front of the body.  LEAVE is done more to the side.




Sample sentence: I want to leave now.



Another version of LEAVE / get out of here / let's jam:



I once saw a student sign, "Can Deaf go to college free?"  He mistakenly used "LEAVE" to mean "go to."  It didn't look right because "LEAVE" can mean "go away" but not "go to." If you want to sign "go to" you need to use the "GO / attend" sign.





You can use a two hands variation for a larger group of people leaving.  Like an "exodus."LEAVE - "withdraw / exodus"

LEAVE / depart / exodus / group-leave / group-withdraw



Another version of LEAVE / depart / exodus / group-leave / group-withdraw:



A version which can mean EVACUATE / FLEE:





If you mean leave as in "Just leave it there on the table," you should use the the version of this sign that means "leave behind." Imagine holding a big sack of money, walking into your ASL teacher's office and sort of throwing it downward onto his desk.

LEAVE-BEHIND / dump it there / ABANDON



Sample sentence: How much orange juice is left in your refrigerator?




One way to show leaving quickly is:






If you are referring to LEAVES / LEAF [tree] one way to sign that is:





Notes:  Also see: ALLOW









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