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LOST: The American Sign Language (ASL) sign for "lost / lose"

The right sign depends on your meaning.
For example: Did you lose your keys or did you lose the game? 
 Each uses a different sign.


LOSE or "lost" (misplaced)
As in: "I lost my keys."



Make the sign for "more" and then turn both hands palms down while relaxing your fingers.  Pretend you were holding something between your hands and it slipped.  This sign is used when you mean the opposite of found.


LOSE as in "fail a competition, or "We LOST at the track meet."




In a message dated 3/29/2005 7:08:56 AM Pacific Standard Time, akarajeurs@_____ writes:
when signing "lose" as in losing a game, u have a "v" handshape go down to your palm. In the handshape's course, does it stop  and turn a little or is the trail one straight line? The animation for "lose" makes it seem as if the handshape stops then goes very quickly.
The movement is a straight line that moves down quickly without stopping and smacks into the other hand rather strongly.
Think of someone falling to the ground--splat.




See: WIN




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