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MAJORITY: The American Sign Language (ASL) sign for "majority"


A very common way to sign "majority" in ASL is to do the sign for MOST.


"MOST" on YouTube:


If by majority you mean "many" then go ahead and do the sign labeled as MANY.
For example, for a sentence that includes a phrase to the effect of:   "A vast majority of stories are ... " -- you might see someone sign "MANY STORY..."





If by majority you want to focus on the fact that a larger percent of people (or anything) is being referred to you can sign MOST PERCENT.
For example if a sentence involves a phrase such as "... is made up of a majority of people who are ..." you might see someone sign MOST PERCENT.

PERCENT on YouTube:


You might also consider using a sign such as "HIGH" to create a phrase such as "high percentage."

See:  HIGH



If you are discussing majority in the context of voting you can still use the MOST but you might also see people drop the sign MOST and instead be more specific regarding the outcome.  For example:


Or you could add a sign such as "MINIMUM / at least" TWO-THIRDS.

"At least..."

Minimum or at least on YouTube:

If by majority you mean membership in the majority or dominant group in a society you might want to consider just spelling "majority."

For example, in a sentence such as "The majority status held by Hearing people ..." can be signed a variety of ways but you might see someone choosing to spell it if they want the specific word "majority" to be clear in the mind of their conversation partner or audience.
Another example of when it would be common to spell majority is when referring to the U.S. House of Representatives.  For example, "The House Majority Leader  ..."  HOUSE (fs)-MAJORITY LEAD-PERSON





Also see: MAJOR


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