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RADIATOR: The American Sign Language (ASL) sign for "radiator"

On first reference it is good to spell "radiator."  If needed you can expand (describe) by describing its size, shape, and function. 
For example, you might choose to use "L" hands to depict the square shape or use slightly modified C-hands to depict a the thickness and vertical orientation of a radiator. 

If two skilled signers were having an extended conversation about radiators, the concept of radiator would tend to eventually just be spelled in a highly lexicalized way.  That might even be faster than doing a depiction.

If an expanded explanation or depiction is used, within moments of a conversation starting regarding radiators the people conversing will reduce a description down to a single sign such as 2 L's facing each other or some similar very fast representation.

(Or just lexicalize the spelling to the point where it is even faster than a depictive sign). I know that amount of lexicalization and that level of speed in spelling may seem unbelievable to some people but it is really quite common.




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* Descriptions are useful for when a person doesn't know what a radiator is or does but: Descriptions ≠ "the sign for"   (descriptions do not equal "the sign for" something)


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