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   ASLU:  "How to teach ASL at a California High School"

Regarding HS Teacher Certification to teach ASL:

This information was generally accurate as of 2016. Visit the official state website for the latest info.

Requirements for teaching ASL in California High schools:

*  BA in Deaf Studies or equivalent

*  Pass California Basic Educational Skills Test (CBEST)

                     Three subtests given; Reading, Math, Writing

                     $41.00 per test; computer based testing is an option at slightly higher fee

                     Total passing score 123 points for all 3 sections; 4 hours total allotted time

*  Detailed information can be found at:   

*  Pass ASL California Subject Examinations for Teachers (CSET)

                     Three subtest given; $69.00 per subtest

                     Tests can be taken in a single session or all in one day

                     Passing score 220pts. per subtest   

                     Much of these tests include video components   

          Detailed information can be found at:   

An alternate method to taking the CSET is to obtain a "Subject Matter Equivalency Letter" from a university verifying completion of a CCTC-approved subject matter program.

Obtain Teaching Credentials from any credentialing university

To teach ASL, credentialing universities generally require completion of a BA in Deaf Studies or equivalent before beginning a credentialing program. The CBEST and CSET tests are given through the state of California and are not part of credentialing universities' curriculum.  This allows students the flexibility of taking the first semester of classes in a credentialing program, while studying for and taking the CBEST and CSET tests. It is important to note that most credentialing programs will require the passing of both tests before students can begin their student or intern teaching. 

Computer-based testing for CBEST is now available year-round, Monday through Saturday.  Paper-based testing is still an option (as of 2016) as well and is offered five times a year typically September, December, February, April and July.  Results are generally given within two weeks.  CSETS for ASL or only paper-based and are offered twice a year, typically April and September.

Also see: CSET:ASL


Note: If you are a candidate and have more information please feel free to contact me. (Bill Vicars)


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