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Proficiency Testing for American Sign Language (ASL)

ASLU Basic ASL Proficiency Testing

This test is to ascertain whether or not the applicant could reasonably be expected to successfully communicate with a Deaf person at a basic conversational level equivalent to or better than that of a person who has completed at least an ASL level 4 (fourth semester) college course involving significant lab time or ASL social event attendance.

Testing is conducted asynchronously via:
1. Submission of a demonstration video
2. Completion of a proctored test*
[*Proctor selection instructions:]

To register for this test submit the following information via email to Dr. Bill Vicars at: [See contact link on front page of]
Testee name:  
Testee email:
Proctor name:
Proctor email:

Proctor title:

Fee: $495
Preferred payment method:
Or if it is easier (due to the pay with a credit card option) use this link:

If necessary a check can be made out to: "Lifeprint" and mailed to William Vicars, 8506 Everglade Dr. Sacramento CA 95826  -- however -- this will delay the process considerably.

Upon receipt of the registration information, selection of a satisfactory local proctor, and the fee:
1.  ASLU will send to the proctor a link to one or more videos (via YouTube) in a numbered test format which the proctor will then display to the testee who will type their answers.  The proctor (not the testee) will then email the answers to

2.  ASLU will send to the testee one or more video scripts which the testee will use as a basis to create a self-recording demonstrating their ASL skills.

Upon receipt of the registration and fee ASLU will send the video link and script information within one week (usually within 72 hours).  ASLU will review the test and video submission within one week of receipt (usually within 72 hours). 

ASLU will provide signature documentation of the student's results in percentage and letter grade format as well as specific items missed, why such items were deemed incorrect, and suggestions for improvement.  A percentage result of 70% or better is required to be considered "passing" of this testing process.






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