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I appreciate it! Your generosity will help more people all over (including parents of Deaf children) to learn sign language!
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How to use ASL University to learn sign language:

1. Visit and become familiar with the ASL University website.

2. Bookmark the official ASLU YouTube master playlist:

3. For quick reviews (to prevent memory extinction) bookmark the "Signs" channel playlist page:

4. If you use a desktop or laptop computer you can look up signs using this page:

5. If you use a mobile device you can look up signs using this page:

6. If you can't find a sign after using the search options at then consider applying to join the Lifeprint-ASLU Facebook group and asking your question there. See:

7. Go through the ASLU Lessons for free:

Your comments, questions, or suggestions are always welcome.
To contact Dr. Bill Vicars, see:

Ways to support the ASL University channel:

1. Click the "thumb up" (like) icon on videos at

2. Click the "subscribe" button at (if you haven't done so yet)

3. Click the "Share" link and share the videos.

4. Visit the "ASLU" bookstore at  (feel free to suggest new products that you would like to see).

5. Buy some ASL University "official" clothing at: ASLU gear:

6. Subscribe to the ASLU subscription site:
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7. Donate via:

8. For other donation options, see:  If you have any friends who might be in a position to do so you might want to consider inviting them to donate -- thus supporting Deaf children and the promotion of free sign language resources via





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