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In a message dated 9/2/XXXX (quite a while back) 10:13:37 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time, Melinda ______ writes:

Dr Bill,
... I was wondering if you do any traveling to conduct immersion programs. Several of my co-workers (Educational Interpreters) and I have passed the knowledge portion of the NAD-RID certification and would like to take the performance portion. Our problem is that as educational interpreters we have little opportunity to practice using our receptive skills as a community interpreter would. How would you feel about visiting the good old Eastern Shore of MD (try out the Atlantic Ocean for a change of pace; we are 35 minutes from the beach). We would love to be a part of an immersion program to "warm up" our receptive skill in preparation for the test.
Melinda ______

Edited sample response to such requests:

Yes, certainly, I'm open to doing ASL immersions and workshops (nearly) any place.  I've done week-long workshops in places from Singapore to Guyana. These days I tend to do 3-day "immersion excursions" for small groups of six participants plus my wife (Bee) and myself. 
The fee is $995.00 per participant plus lodging, meals, and one all-day amusement park pass.
We rent a hotel for three-days/two nights.  I fly in and we play games and do interactive activities the first night then go to an amusement park the next day and sign while standing in line and hanging out. The next morning we do breakfast, more activities, check out of the hotel, do one more activity and then Bee and I fly away.  (Then we all share our pictures of the wonderful time we had!) 

- Dr. Bill
William G. Vicars, Ed.D.

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