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In a message dated 9/1/200X (a while back) 5:36:12 PM Central Daylight Time, Jessica writes:

My name is Jessica and I am 15. I am hoping to learn ASL fluently but I am NOT deaf or hard of hearing. Do you know of any immersion courses for youth who are not hearing impaired but want to learn ASL?
Thank you so much, 

Edited / Sample response to such requests:

Depending on your finances and parental permission you may be able to participate in an ASL immersion that I refer to as the "ASL Hyper-Immersion."  In your case we would adjust it to be more of a "Foreign Exchange Student" type of experience. I'd arrange for you a responsible big sister (a college student around age 21 or up) to look after you one-on-one and be your personal companion to sign with you the whole time you were here (and, to be blunt:  Keep an eye on you /  keep you safe and out of trouble).  Just like a "foreign exchange student" you would stop using your native language and instead we would communicate with you only in ASL. We could set up you up with an online ASL curriculum that you would be expected to master in the weeks before you come to the hyper-immersion.

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