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I am or want to be an ASL student:

What is your situation?

I'm taking a class from my local school and I just want additional study.

   ● To find a specific sign, visit
   ● To study and practice fingerspelling visit the fingerspelling lessons
   ● To test your fingerspelling skills, visit the fingerspelling receptive practice tool
   ● To study and review numbers, visit the numbers lessons
   ● To test your receptive number skills, visit the numbers website (works best on a desktop or laptop, don't use commas)
   ● To study the ASLU Lessons go to: ASL Lessons and start with Lesson 1.
   ● Download a workbook to use as a study guide.
   ● Visit the ASLU bookstore and purchase the SuperUSB for a series of instructional ASL videos.
   ● To join the Lifeprint-ASLU Facebook group, go to  (you will need to answer a few questions -- after which the moderators will probably add you).


I want to actually take a ASL class.


● I need a solid online ASL course:
   Solution: ASLU's registered course: See "registration information page."

● I don't have a lot of money. I don't need signature documentation. I don't need to "prove" I took a class:
   Solution:  The ASLU / ASL Training Center partnership:  See:



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