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Lesson 19:

Discussion topic:  What is Pidgin Signed English? (Contact Signing)
___ I am able to recognize and sign the practice sentences and story for this lesson
___ I
have taken the Lesson 19 Vocabulary Practice Quiz
___ I have taken the general practice quiz for this lesson.  See: PRACTICE QUIZZES

FRIENDLY-[pleasant, cheerful]

REVIEW Vocab: CAN-(able/possible), PEOPLE

Practice sheet 19.A
01. YOU AFRAID WHAT? (What scares you?)
02. YOU THINK SCHOOL BORING? (Do you think school is boring?)
03. YOU THINK FIREMEN BRAVE? (Do you think firemen are brave?)
04. YOU LIKE CHAT PHONE? (Do you like to chat on the phone?)
05. EMBARRASS EASY YOU? (Do you embarrass easily?)

Practice sheet 19.B
06. YOU ENJOY DO-what? (What do you enjoy doing?)
07. YOU THINK MOST DOG FRIENDLY, MEAN, WHICH?  (Do you think most dogs are friendly or are they mean?)
08. YOU FEEL FRUSTRATED WHEN? (When do you feel frustrated?)
09. YOU FEEL HAPPY, WHEN? (When do you feel happy?)
10. RECENT YOU INSULT ANY-ONE? (Have you recently insulted anyone?)

Practice sheet 19.C
11. YOU SOMETIMES FEEL LONELY YOU? (Do you sometimes feel lonely?)
12. YOU MAD, what-FOR? (Why are you mad?)
13. YOUR BOYFRIEND [or girlfriend] HE/SHE JEALOUS EASY? (Is your boyfriend [or girlfriend] the jealous type?)
14. BEFORE-[prior-to] TEST YOU FEEL NERVOUS YOU? (Do you get nervous before a test?)
15. YOU PROUD ABOUT WHAT? (What do you take pride in?)

Practice sheet 19.D
16. YOU THINK HE/SHE TEACHER SILLY? (Do you think the teacher is silly?)
17. YOU THINK CAT STUCK-UP? (Do you think cats are stuck up?)
18. SURPRISE TEST, YOU LIKE? (Do you like surprise tests?)
19. SUPPOSE WALK 4-HOUR, FUTURE-[will] TIRED YOU? (Suppose you walk for four hours, would you be tired?)
20. BOOK YOU THINK INTERESTING, what-NAME? (What is the name of a book that you think is interesting.)

Note: Suppose your partner asks you, "YOU MAD, FOR-FOR?" and you are not mad -- I recommend that you respond, "NOT MAD ME (while shaking the head negatively). Or suppose you don't have a boyfriend, (or girlfriend) and your signing partner asks you if your boyfriend (or girlfriend) gets jealous easy. You might reply, "(not)-HAVE BOY-FRIEND."

Advanced sentence:
PEOPLE DEAF CITY-(community) PROUD THEMSELVES DEAF-("cheek puffed out")? (Are members of the Deaf Community proud to be Deaf?)

Cultural note:
While it may seem strange to “Hearing people,” culturally Deaf People are proud of our culture and our community.
The more “Deaf” you are in the Deaf community, the higher your status (on that particular social indicator).
Some times you might see the sign “DEAF” done with a larger movement and the cheek puffed out. This is the equivalent of saying “true blue Deaf” or "Deaf through and through," (or being “very” Deaf both culturally and physically).

For a practice quiz, visit: Lesson 19 Practice Quiz
Check with your instructor or your syllabus regarding any graded quizzes for this lesson.


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